Facts about Radiofrequency to Ward off Eye Wrinkles



When it comes to managing your skin the rewards and progress of today’s generations are very advantageous, after all, the micro needling, LED lights and lasers that are used to reverse the role of aging.

But the minute we try to target those profoundly visible lines around the surface of the eyes, these new found theories are of no value. Sure, there are some medical skin care treatments that can help, but LED and lasers used to boost collagen for giving a glow are too intense for such a fragile area. The other option you have is to take injections, the one you are not most keen on.


Now newly found research indicates that there is a treatment for you eye wrinkles- Radio Frequency. Found by Alexa Yontz, and also known as Pelleve, radio frequency energy is used to heat the dermis slowly, and this minimizes the appearance and depth of wrinkles. It is gentle for your eyes and it saves you from all the needles and injection. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types.


There are many ultrasounds-based technologies and radiofrequency devices out there that help in providing good results, but the reason Pelleve is mostly preferred because it is not painful and very effective.


During the treatment, a neutralizing pad is applied to the stomach, so that excess heat from the body is taken out. Then a gel is applied to the face so that the treatment smoothly glides across the skin. You will feel a slight warmth initially because your dermis is being heated up to 107 to 114 degrees. The number does indicate that it is quite a high temperature, but you would not be scalded, it just feels like a certain warmth. This warmth will be placed for about four to five minutes around each eye, covering all the areas from the corners of your eyes to below the eyes and above the brows.

facial radiofrequency

While moving towards the forehead you will experience more heat, this is more common if you have a bony face. But this heat will provide a comfortable warm which is better than enduring needle pricks. After 10 such minutes, your treatment will be done.


You will not see immediate results as the skin around the forehead and eyes are plumped up. The wrinkles will be blurred and still noticeable. But after three days, you will start seeing the effect. Your wrinkles will start looking blurred as the production of collagen and elastin increases. Later on, it will fill out the wrinkles and lines and by the end of 3 weeks, you will be proud of ageless eyes.


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