Information About KROX 20, KROX 20 Protein,KRX-20

Early growth response protein 2 is the protein which in the humans is being encoded by EGR2 gene. EGR2 which is also termed as Krox20 is the transcription regulatory factor which contains two zinc fingers, DNA-binding sites which is is highly expressed in the population of the migrating neural crest cells. It’s later being expressed in neural crest resultant cells of a cranial ganglion. Protein encoded by the Krox20 which contain two cys2his2-type of zinc fingers. The Krox20 gene formation is constrained to an early hindbrain growth. It’s evolutionarily being conserved in humans, vertebrates, mice, zebra fish and chicks. Moreover, amino acid sequence and aspects of embryonic gene pattern is being conserved among the vertebrates, additional implicating its own role in the hindbrain development.

When KROX 20, KROX 20 Protein,KRX-20 is being deleted in the mice, a protein coding capacity of a Krox20 gene which includes the DNA-binding domain of a zinc finger is being diminished. The mice used are not capable to live after birth and reveal major hindbrains defects. The defects being expressed not limited to the defects in the formation of the cranial sensory ganglia, the partial fusion of a trigeminal nerve (V) with a facial (VII) and an auditory (VII) nerves, proximal nerve roots which comes off in these ganglia are disorganized and then intertwined to one another when they entered brainstem, and still there was a fusion of a glossopharyngeal (IX) nerves complex.

The initial growth responses protein 2 is the transcription factor with the three tandem C2H2-types zinc fingers. The mutations found in this gene are being associated with an autosomal dominants Charcot-Marie-Teeth disease, Dejerine–Sottas disease, type 1D, and the Congenital Hypomyelinating Neuropathy. The studies have linked the EGR2 expression in proliferation of the osteoprogenitors and the cell lines derived from the Ewing sarcoma, which is the highly aggressively bone-associated cancer.

KROX 20, KROX 20 Protein,KRX-20 plays the essential role in a vertebrate hindbrain segmentations process. It negatively or positively controls the large variety of the regulatory genes, coordinates delimitation of the segmental territories, the specification of their own identity, and the maintenance of the integrity. By investigation, the molecular mechanism of the Krox20 transcriptional controls all the function by performing the detailed structure-functions analysis of a protein in a developing chicks hindbrain. This disclose the unsuspected diversity in the modes of action of a transcription factor in a single tissue, since regulation of every five tested aim genes requires the different parts of a protein and apparently different co-factors.


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