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Work Accident Claim Inquiry on UK

Accidents happen every day, seems a common occurrence in our lives. Emotional trauma may happen to the victim. It’s not easy for them to deal with it sometimes. There are so many things to think about and of course you may need to go through a lifestyle change. In spite this, only a few make it to the claims court, mostly are not even aware of such accident claims.

Therefore, claiming insurance from an accident may be a practical choice these days. Not even you help yourself recover and stand on your feet, but it also gives your co-worker the courage to do the same if such unfortunate case may happen. If things don’t work well, a lawsuit would be inevitable as your last resort.

Am I eligible for a work accident claim?


UK employers are legally bound by certain rules to provide for the welfare of their workers within their premises.  The laws required all businesses to conform to the Health and Safety regulatory board as well as the granting of insurance as de rigueur obligation to its employee. In an instance, a wet and slippery environment should be properly signposted, or electrical equipment is accordingly tested to avert electrical shock. Employers who are unable to comply with the safety guidelines are obligated to provide the injured party a fair reimbursement in the form of a work accident claim.

Rare cases such as you are the main contributor to your personal injury may actually happen. You would still be given the merit to claim if the employer is the main incendiary to the accident.

The fear of losing your job

The most common roadblock among the victims is the possibility of getting a repercussion from their management. In fact, it is illegal to sack you after a claim or solicitation was made.  An employer has no right to prevent you from claiming what is legally yours. Flagrant and coercive threats such as a dismissal will follow if the claims made are illegal is against the law as well. A company can face serious legal actions in cases that a professional misconduct has been proven.

Need help?

Claimants should be eager to go after with the solicitation. If they are not convinced about the future of the plea, then it’s nonsensical for the counselors to kick-off the claim.

Multiple companies’ offers NO WIN NO FEE service, what it mean is that, they will not ask for a solicitor’s fee unless they won the case. Such companies are willing to cover the legal aspect until you get your claim.

Personal injury solicitors such as from Accidentclaimsweb.co.uk resolves most personal injury cases out of court, typically via insurance policies. For example, if you have a work accident claim in Newcastle and the Tyneside area your employer will have an insurance policy designed to compensate for accidents.

**updated 9/23/2016