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Information About KROX 20, KROX 20 Protein,KRX-20

Early growth response protein 2 is the protein which in the humans is being encoded by EGR2 gene. EGR2 which is also termed as Krox20 is the transcription regulatory factor which contains two zinc fingers, DNA-binding sites which is is highly expressed in the population of the migrating neural crest cells. It’s later being expressed in neural crest resultant cells of a cranial ganglion. Protein encoded by the Krox20 which contain two cys2his2-type of zinc fingers. The Krox20 gene formation is constrained to an early hindbrain growth. It’s evolutionarily being conserved in humans, vertebrates, mice, zebra fish and chicks. Moreover, amino acid sequence and aspects of embryonic gene pattern is being conserved among the vertebrates, additional implicating its own role in the hindbrain development. Continue reading Information About KROX 20, KROX 20 Protein,KRX-20